B&G – Mobile Pack


This pack includes 10 awesome presets that we use every single day to edit our own mobile pictures. They are tailor made for mobile photography but can also be applied to other cameras.

You will also receive a complete guide on the characteristics of each preset so you will know when it’s best to use it and how to quickly adjust it to fit your pictures perfectly.


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What’s included?

After payment you will receive a .zip file including:

  • A folder with 10 desktop presets

  • A folder with 10 mobile presets

  • A detailed explanation on when to use each preset and how to adjust it to your photos

  • A complete installation guide

What do I need?

These presets work for both iPhone and Android, as well as Mac and Windows.

If you don’t have an Adobe subscription plan you can still sign up for a FREE account in the Lightroom mobile app.

Are these presets right for me?

These presets are designed to excel in mobile photography but can easily adapt to any type of photography.

If you are a photographer who takes a lot of photos with your phone then this is the perfect pack for you, it’s going to save you so much time and really upgrade your photos.

We really believe in this product because we personally use them every single day, every Instagram story we post is edited with these exact presets. We love them and we’re sure you will too 🙂

Important notes ⚠️

Not every preset will work for every photo, however we designed the packs so that at least 1 preset would work for almost any mobile photo.

Make sure you have updated Lightroom on your desktop to the most recent version, these preset files will only upload with the 2018 Lightroom Update onwards.

Mobile Presets = .dng files // Desktop Presets = .xmp files

Do you need help?

If you have further questions, doubts or issues please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or DM on Instagram


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