Hi there!! This is Miki Bonny & Carlo Gava and we’re The Ocean Couple.

We’ve been professional creatives since 2021 and since then we’ve specialised in underwater videography and photography.

Our obsession for Mother Nature’s gorgeous beauty pushes us to travel the world as we pursue unique landscapes and explore our creativity. 

Our mission is to narrate visual stories which inspire, entertain and move people into loving, caring and enjoying the world’s oceans. Our tight community is united by one true love for the Ocean.

B&G Retreats

Discover the ultimate adventures for ocean lovers!  

Nurse sharks
23.04.27 Freedive reef DSLR 29 edited web


Create wonderful memories with our underwater presets… & much more! 

Work with us

Learn about our services as content creators and influencers!

23.05.01 Sandbank tour DSLR 17 edited web

Freediving Gear

Our personal guide to freediving gear. Suggestions, links and comparisons, all in one page

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