Maldives Sports & Travel Guide

 Save time planning and spend it adventuring! Available in English and Italian.

The Maldives are a dream destination, but it isn’t only for luxury honeymoons and chill vacations.

In this guide we’ll show you how to fill every minute of your day with awesome activities, loads of fun and how to do so without breaking the bank.

Inside you’ll find all that you need to plan your very own personalised trip!

All the activities

You’ll find all the possible sports and activities to do in the Maldives for an action-packed vacation

Contacts & locations

For each activity we provide you with the precise location, useful contacts and discount codes to help you save money!

Atolls & islands 

You’ll find descriptions of the atolls and the islands we recommend so that you can choose the one that suits you best

B&G pro tips

For each activity and itinerary we give you the best tips to enjoy every second of it

Save time planning and spend time adventuring
  • 40 pages stuffed full of information
  • A single PDF file
  • Description, location, contacts and tips for every single activity
  • Description of the best islands and atolls to help you choose the right one for you
  • Discount codes and tips on how to experience this trip even on a budget
  • Available in 🇺🇸 and 🇮🇹

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This guide is for you if you:

...have always dreamed of going to the Maldives 🌅
...have always thought that visiting the Maldives was super expensive 💸 and unreachable for you
...have always postponed organising this dream vacation because it felt too complicated to organise on your own 🤯
... want to visit the Maldives soooo bad 😉
...have always thought the Maldives are a boring destination (no waaaaaay!) 😎 warm temperatures, tropical vibes, lots of coloured fish, underwater animals, water sports and pretty much anything that has to do with the ocean 🌊

Still not sure about the guide? 🤔

Let us send you a free chapter so you can see just how useful it is!


The Answers You Need
  • Complete list of outdoor sports, activities and adventures you can do

  • All the precise locations which we recommend for each activity

  • Description of the atolls and islands we recommend so you can choose the perfect one for you

  • Tips on how to travel on a budget to such an expensive destination

  • B&G pro tips for each activity to enjoy every second and make the best of your time there

  • Lots of other travel tips to avoid stress

It’s a PDF file available both in 🇺🇸 English and 🇮🇹 Italian that you can save on your computer as well as your phone, you don’t need anything else.

If you have further questions, doubts or issues please don’t hesitate to contact us via email at or DM on Instagram at @bonnyandgava

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