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How we promote you

Bonny & Gava Brand Collaborations

As owners of an outdoor sports and travel digital brand we offer the possibility of sharing and promoting brands which are organically in line with B&G. We can produce individually developed and engaging content as a digital sponsorship directed to our audience. We offer the possibility of partnering in medium to long term collaborations, beneficial for their consistency. Our platforms cover Instagram stories/posts/reels, TikTok short videos and YouTube medium to long videos. Influencer marketing is known to be extremely effective particularly for medium sized influencers who have very well defined niches and target audiences. View our Instagram and TikTok accounts here.

Bonny & Gava Brand Promotions

We also offer the possibility of featuring different products/services of well-aligned brands on our social platforms as a one time promotion. Quick messages are often the most receptive on online platforms. The promotions will work towards reviewing and suggesting your content to our audience. We also offer the possibility of organising takeovers and giveaways. View our Instagram and TikTok accounts here.

What we create for you

Branded Videography

Video is the most modern medium for young and exciting content. We love to work with many different kinds of video, from cinematic slo-mo and highly textured videos, to complex animated clips rich in special effects, to trending hip and fun Instagram Reel/TikTok videos. We can produce highly engaging content, best suited for any platform and tailor made for our client’s brand and message. Our curriculum spans from high quality animated real estate video work to trending and catchy TikTok-style videos for fashion brands. Provided by LOL CREATIVE. Check out our portfolio through the link.

Branded Photography

We offer the production of high quality photos created to promote our client’s product/company most effectively. We understand the importance of a brand identity as well as all the aesthetic aspects necessary to capture a perfect shot. In particular, we are experienced in outdoor activities and run-and-gun photography but our portfolio is extremely varied and includes fashion/beauty in-studio still life photography as well as real estate work. Provided by LOL CREATIVE​. Check out our portfolio through the link.

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