We are super excited to have you here and wanted to congratulate you for taking on a new challenge to help improve yourself.

We are going to review some basic theory about breath holding to make sure you know what happens in your body and how to be safe while pushing your limits.

Then we are going to have exercises for you every day that will take you from where you are to over 3 minutes before the end of the next 3 weeks!

Each day has it’s own dedicated page so all you need to do is select the day you are on, do the exercise, make sure to mark it as complete (top right corner), and repeat the following day.

There is no specific time when you should do these exercises so you can do them whenever is more convenient for your schedule. Each day, the exercises will last between 10 and 20 minutes.

Make sure you don’t do them while driving or performing any other activity that’s challenging or dangerous. Never use a nose clip when doing these exercises. We also suggest avoiding breath holding with a super full stomach, as it will be more uncomfortable. We strongly advise doing these exercises “dry”, or out of the water. If you prefer to do them in the water make sure you have someone trained in freediving supervising you at all times, to prevent dangerous underwater black outs.

If you are ready to start then mark this off as completed and go over to Day 1!

See you there 😎

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